July 3, 2019,

It was a hot July day much like today, when the Founding Fathers gathered in Philadelphia 243 years ago and voted to support the revolutionary concept of breaking away from England to become our own independent self-governing country. The Founding Fathers did not need polling data to make their decision. They debated and worked together to produce the Declaration of Independence.

Have you ever wondered what they would think if they could see what their acts of courage, passion, and love of Liberty have produced? I think they would be truly amazed and proud of what they started. They would also have a good laugh about the tone of our current political dialogue and say that it’s not much different from 1776, except for the tweets.

What they would realize is that the magic they created in crafting the Declaration of Independence has been our ability to have political discussions about social issues, the role of government, economic issues and foreign policy but still produce meaningful outcomes that moved our country forward.
There was a much higher level of respect for differing opinions at Independence Hall during that hot summer but at the end, they were able to work together for the greater good of the people. Ben Franklin said it best, “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

So let’s hang together and celebrate the spirit of 1776.

Happy 243rd Birthday America!!