February 13, 2023,

The Chamber wants to make you aware of some proposed changes in federal regulations concerning non-compete agreements that might negatively impact your business. The Federal Trade Commission has proposed a rule to ban non-compete agreements for all employees and independent contractors, except in cases between a buyer and seller of a business.

A non-compete agreement is an important tool to protect a business when an employee leaves the employment of a business so that the business’ confidential information and goodwill are not taken outside of the business. In addition, a non-compete is put in place to ensure that a former employee will not interfere with existing client or customer relationships.

This is a rather complex legal issue but it will impact small and large businesses. To better understand the ramifications of the proposed rule by the FTC, the Chamber put together a panel of the top employment lawyers in the area to provide a quick overview of this issue. The panel was moderated by the Steven Brown, an attorney at McAllister, DeTar, Showalter & Walker, and he also serves as the Chair of the Chamber’s Board of Directors.

Check out this short video that will give you a better understanding of this issue and how it may impact your business. If you have any questions, please contact any member of the panel at the contact info below.

Steven A. Brown McAllister, DeTar, Showalter & Walker LLC  sbrown@mdswlaw.com
Steven B. Stern Kagan Stern Marinello & Beard stern@kaganstern.com
Susan Shapiro Council Baradel shapiro@councilbaradel.com
Joyce Smithey Smithey Law Group joyce.smithey@smitheylaw.com
Melissa McGuire Liff Walsh & Simmons MMcGuire@liffwalsh.com