March 21, 2022,

Where you gonna park when Hillman comes down?

The date has not been set for the start of demolition of the Hillman Garage, but it is coming down very soon.  The demolition and construction process will take between 14 to 16 month and during that time it will be very challenging to find parking in the downtown area.  To help residents, visitors, employees and business owners, the City has developed a detailed marketing program to help find parking and mobility options to get around the City.  It is called Access Annapolis and you can check out the web site by clicking HERE.

On the web site you will find a the very helpful Business and Employer Tool Kit – Access Annapolis.  Check it out and share it your employees.

Part of the mobility plans during construction include setting up an electric ferry service from City Dock to Eastport. By 9-0 vote, the Annapolis City Council agreed to amend the city’s capital budget for the current fiscal year to allow for a combined $1.5 million to acquire the electric ferry and purchase other electric vehicles for an expanded circular bus and two electric six person vans.

Very soon you should be seeing new signs throughout the City, promoting the fact that Annapolis is “Open for Business” a advertising the new parking and mobility options.