Nonpartisan Approach

The Chamber of Commerce is nonpartisan in its approach, and does not endorse or oppose legislation based upon political party philosophies or political party sponsorship. Nor does the Chamber of Commerce endorse or support candidates for public office. All elected and appointed officials are welcome to comment and provide information on legislative issues pending before the Government Matters Committee and the Chamber’s leadership as they deliberate.

Source of Credible Information

Furthermore, it is our philosophy that chambers of commerce should be resources of credible information that support business concerns, not tainted by political ideology, partisanship, and electoral politics. Elected and appointed officials in all levels of government need to have confidence that chambers of commerce are pragmatic in their approach to issues of importance to businesses. They also need to know that chambers of commerce support a sound process more than ideologically driven motives when identifying workable solutions to problems facing businesses and the broader citizenry.

Diverse Membership

The leadership of the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce believes that the Chamber’s role as a business organization is to welcome and nurture a diverse membership from all political, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. In doing so, we serve as a forum where business people from these various backgrounds can come together and work on real solutions for the challenges that face businesses and the broader community they serve.