Technology Committee

Committee Chairs: Dave Carter, Alpha Engineering

WHO: The Technology (Tech) Committee is responsible for advising and educating Chamber members on the developing trends and activities in the area of technology. In addition, the committee will help develop partnerships or programs to expand the utilization of technology by Chamber members.

WHY JOIN: Technology provides businesses with the ability to scale their capabilities and reach clients they have never been able to before. Join this committee to stay on the leading edge of the latest trends that will provide competitive advantages to your business over your industry peers. 

Economic Development Committee

Committee Chair: Jan Wood, AAMC Foundation

WHO: A dynamic committee with a very successful history of promoting economic development, assuring a strong and balanced tax-base in the region and promoting sustained and planned economic growth.

WHY JOIN: Economic Development Committee Members are often the first to know of new economic development and growth initiatives occurring in the region, listen to presentations given by the areas top business leaders, and serve in delegations who reach out to potential businesses considering relocation to the region and welcoming new businesses into the area.

Education Committee

Committee Chair:

WHO: This committee is renowned throughout the region for its leadership role supporting excellence in education, preparing our youth for entry in the workforce, and career exposure opportunities for students contemplating career choices after graduation.

WHY JOIN:  Strategically partnered with the area’s public school system, this committee provides valuable insight and support for initiatives that promote quality education for our youth, promote teacher retention and enhanced learning experiences for students inside and outside the classroom.

Environmental Committee

Committee Chair:

WHO: The Environmental Committee’s mission is to promote environmental awareness and responsibility among Chamber members.

WHY JOIN: The Environmental Committee identifies environmental concerns in the business community and closely monitors pending legislation on environmental issues.

Legislative Committee

Committee Chair: Steven Brown, McAllister, DeTar, Showalter & Walker LLC

WHO: This is a fully engaged committee that takes proactive stances on state, county, and city legislation that impact regional businesses and the economy. Each year, this committee drafts the Chamber’s legislative priorities, reviews pending legislation and regulatory initiatives, lobbies on behalf of business interests, and seeks solutions for some of the most pressing issues facing businesses in the region. Such issues include the rising cost of healthcare, public infrastructure, land-use and development, the environment, and taxes/fees.

WHY JOIN: Highly respected for its thoroughness and pragmatic approach to solving problems, this committee has earned the respect and admiration of elected and appointed officials at all levels of Government, and is continually contacted by legislators for input on pending and proposed legislation impacting the business community and the regional economy.