May 26, 2020,

One of the challenges during the COVID-19 crisis is keeping up with the most current information.  It seems there is new or updated information, guidelines or recommendation every day.  At this point in time, May 26th,  Anne Arundel County is moving forward to a partial re-opening of “non-essential” business on June 1.  A set of guidelines and restrictions have been put forward and many businesses are in the process of getting ready to have a re-opening following these guidelines.  The City of Annapolis is also putting forward a separate set of guidelines for businesses located in the City.

Below you will find a list of links that will provide the most current information, as of today.  As you move forward, a good rule of thumb would the follow this mindset, “Think of your self as a customer”.  What can your business do to create confidence in your customers and clients that your business and facility are following best practices in dealing with the COVID-19 threat.  Included with this mindset, is making sure your protect your employees.

Here are resources and links:

1. Maryland’s “Back to Business” Pledge

2. Maryland’s Back to Business Approach

3. CDC’s Resources for Re-Opening America – Just posted to their site May 20th (60 pages)

4. EEOC on the Americans with Disabilities Act and Covid-19

5. DOL’s Families First Corona Virus Response Act Poster

6.  Families First Cornoavirus Response Act  requires certain employers to provide paid leave.  Please learn about this Act.

7. Anne Arundel County Grants for PPE opening June 1, 2020.  Click HERE to learn more and receive an application