Your Business is Our Business

At The Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce we come together as one business community…

  1. The current and future direction of the region.
  2. Business trends and sustainability.
  3. Legislative and regulatory issues affecting businesses.
  4. Workforce development and workforce readiness opportunities and challenges.
  5. Adequacy, quality and reliability of infrastructure to support business and commerce.
  1. A strategic vision for economic growth and vibrancy in the region.
  2. Strategic partnerships promoting understanding and collaboration between business and the community it serves.
  3. Engagement with elected and appointed officials in the public sector on substantive business and quality of life issues.
  1. The exchange of ideas and experiences important for business growth and sustainability.
  2. Develop the next generation of business leaders.
  3. Practical solutions addressing real challenges and seizing viable opportunities affecting business and consumerism in the region.
  1. Affect and shape regional policy.
  2. Have access to political decision makers.
  3. Heighten awareness on important opportunities and challenges in our communities.
  4. Exercise corporate citizenship.
  5. Participate in CEO level networking.