General Assembly Wrap Up

April 13, 2023,

The General Assembly wrapped up its 2023 legislative session on Monday.  This was the first legislative session for newly elected Governor Moore and quite a few Delegates and Senators.  As the dust settles from the budget negotiations and the legislation that was passed, you have tto wonder what it means for your business.  Will there […]

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What a Small Business Can Learn from Opening Day

March 28, 2023,

Who doesn’t like spring? Spring is when we say goodbye to cold, wet and gloomy weather and say hello to bright, warm and happy-go-lucky weather. Spring is when we get our shorts and sandals out of the closet. Spring is when we get to enjoy our cold beers and head out to the ballpark. I […]

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It’s March Membership Madness!

March 8, 2023,

It’s March Membership Madness! The NCAA Tournament will be starting next week which means it’s time for a lot of Chamber fun and a little friendly competition.  Last year, the Board of Directors Team defeated the Crush Tim Coe and Unpaid Interns teams in a tight race with Board Member, Heather Lalor of TMDL, coming […]

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Talking Politics: Affordable Housing

March 6, 2023,

Affordable Housing There is a growing housing supply crisis in Anne Arundel County and the City of Annapolis. This impacts the entire range of housing options from low-income rental units to high end luxury waterfront homes and everything in between.  Basic economics tells us that a shortage of supply will drive up demand which in […]

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Talking Politics: General Assembly

March 6, 2023,

Minimum Wage There are a number of bills that focus on making changes to the existing minimum wage standards.  The Governor is pushing to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour.  This would basically accelerate the schedule established by the General Assembly last year by one year.  He is also seeking to index the […]

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We’re Planning a Trip to Italy!

March 1, 2023,

TRAVEL ALERT:  Chamber Planning Trip to Italy Ciao! The Chamber is planning an exciting all-inclusive trip to Italy in October. We can offer this outstanding opportunity to visit Italy because of our relationship with the national travel agency (Citslinc International Inc – Citslinc International Inc) that works exclusively with Chambers of Commerce. This highly organized […]

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The Federal Trade Commission Proposes Ban on Non-Compete Agreements

February 13, 2023,

The Chamber wants to make you aware of some proposed changes in federal regulations concerning non-compete agreements that might negatively impact your business. The Federal Trade Commission has proposed a rule to ban non-compete agreements for all employees and independent contractors, except in cases between a buyer and seller of a business. A non-compete agreement is an […]

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Congrats Small Business Award Winners!

February 9, 2023,

There are 20,000 businesses located in Anne Arundel County and 93% of them have less than 20 employees and collectively they employ over 200,000 people. Since small business is such a BIG part of the County, the Chamber is hosting an awards breakfast to celebrate their contribution to our local community and economy. Join us […]

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Small Business Award Nominations Now Being Accepted!

January 16, 2023,

The Anne Arundel Chamber is proud to host the Small Business Awards Breakfast on February 23rd where we will celebrate the success and community contributions of four local businesses.  We need your help to  get nominations for each of awards described below. Small businesses are the backbone of our local and national economies. In fact, […]

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We Have the Best Members!

June 24, 2022,

We knew we had the best members but now it’s not just only our opinion; it’s public opinion! What’s Up Media’s Best of 2022 came out this month and we had 30 members that won; some in multiple categories.  Congrats to all our members that won.  Stay tuned next week as more congrats are in […]

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