July 3, 2019,

Balancelogic is launching its latest integrated marketing campaign called “Quench Your Thirst for Success” highlighting its signature brand and how its unique business model can help small businesses achieve success. This campaign officially launches July 1, 2019, and runs through the remainder of the year.

The campaign will include Balancelogic’s brand ambassador, Logi, who will be traveling back to the place where he was created, a place where all great brand ambassadors are developed to help small businesses, called Ambassador Island™. Logi’s objective will be to collect and share a ton of great information and technologies with the Balancelogic Creative Services Team so they can share the information with the small business community.

“We developed this campaign to help small businesses remember and recognize the value of investing in their business and how it can help them increase the brand value of their company and stand out from their competition,” says CEO Bill Campbell.

“Logi joined Balancelogic team about 5 years ago after being created and chosen from Ambassador Island™. Since then he has been absolutely amazing in representing the Balancelogic brand and has shared enormous amounts of valuable information,” states Campbell. Logi is going back to his birthplace and is excited to go on a journey exploring the island where he will be learning about the latest and greatest small business information and technologies that we can use to help small businesses jump to the next level and Quench their Thirst for Success. Balancelogic’s in-house Creative Services Team created Logi and Ambassador Island™.

One of the key components of this campaign will be Logi and the Balancelogic team will be keeping everyone informed of his progress and saying hello from each location he visits. Also, as part of this campaign, Logi will be sending out postcards from every place he visits.

Examples of campaign advertisements, valuable information, and special promotions can be found on all of the Balancelogic social media channels.

The campaign will be featured across print, cable TV as well as digital advertisements and awareness campaigns on social media. The campaign can be viewed directly at www.balancelogic.com and www.YouTube.com/balancelogic.